The vision of SEM 1986 Ltd. is to be a reputable engineering company recognized in the regional market as a reliable and competitive company with innovative investment projects that provides the highest level of service.


Employees should always be at the service of customers because customer satisfaction is our mission.

About us

SEM 1986, a company that, in the three decades of its existence, is specialized in a full range of activities – from engineering, rental and maintenance of commercial spaces, maintenance and construction of public lighting, to the construction and sale of residential and commercial properties.

Listening to the market needs the company founder and the employees were making a professional assessment on the basis of which they created development plans. Numerous projects emerged from these plans. Our work has become an influential factor in an everyday urban image of Dalmatia and the surrounding area.
Since we are one of the pioneers of telecommunications and technology in Croatia, in our portfolio can be found many projects that combine modern technology with a recognizable traditional influence.

Thanks to the comprehension of the wider concept of each project we initiated and implemented a number of investment projects that are aesthetically, functionally and intellectually connected into one unit, adapted to the needs of modern living.

The best examples of such projects are: ships Amorella and Isabella, Split House of Health complex and Marmont hotel.

Today, we continue the development and progress of our portfolio through projects based on new technologies. We strive for projects that require new and innovative solutions to complex issues of our time.

Our activities

Combining our experience and knowledge SEM 1986 Ltd. is in the long term oriented to the development and implementation of the following activities:

  • Engineering
  • Management of business premises

Our employees

Our employees are characterized by the desire to do their jobs, by continuous improvement and maintenance of high-quality work. The main guiding principle is to respect knowledge, experience, and skills. Combining these skills in a harmonious group we achieve synergies that allow us to create important and innovative projects.

Our open spirit enables highly successful cooperation with customers and business partners.
In today’s competitive world, it is required more than a group of talented people to penetrate the market and achieve success – requires working culture. Our vision and values to which we aspire are interwoven in an impressive working culture that guarantees success.

  • Passion
  • Focus
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork

Yesterday, today, tomorrow – the company SEM 1986 Ltd. is always in the service of progress, development, and employment, respecting the laws of nature and the needs of people and the environment.