SEM 1986 a joint stock company for electronic and engineering services

Headquarters: 114 Brigade 10 Split
Business address: 114, Brigade 10, Split
Tel: +385(0) 21 352 444
Fax: +385(0) 21 367 077

Authorized representatives:

Gordana Ivić, Board member

Siniša Gašparević, Board member

Ladislav Pivčević, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Court registry: Commercial Court in Split MBS: 060200825, Tt-12/4659-4
Year established: 1986 g (the Company as SEM 1986 Inc. was founded in 2004)
Company registration number: 1857347
Name and registered office of legal entities (banks) where the water accounts of the subject, and numbers of these accounts:

IBAN: HR 592411006 1198000144, Jadranska Banka d.d., Šibenik


OIB: 18428856047
Legal form: joint-stock company
Share capital: HRK 16.371.849,00
Number of shares: 136,432 shares, ZSE Inc.
Par value per share: HRK 120